a little about camille…

i’m an actress, and for for those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to sit around praying, hoping and wishing for that next big audition or great news from your agent… it isn’t all that glamourous. in fact, it is the closest to insanity that you can get without being committed or medicated! but what can i say, i LOVE it. can’t live without it (does that in fact make me crazy??)

what does an actor do when they aren’t acting you might ask? well i’m here to tell you that between the auditions and jobs there is a lot of waiting… and then there is more waiting. and maybe some crying. the goal is to have hobbies and to perfect the art of distraction. so what i have created here is a little blog about my life. life as an actress when I am not acting. and maybe a little of when i am… it’s a taste of me!

i hope that you enjoy the ever changing obsessions, creations and ramblings of my life…



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