twas the season

awww the holidays, oh how i love them. mostly i just love the family traditions that i hold on to a little too tightly, in the end i thank my family for putting up with my complaints about needing things to be done a certain way and grumbling under my breath (or not so under my breath) about how things should and need to be done perfectly. what can i say?? i like certain things to remain the same… it is tradition for goodness sakes! so this year, as it has been done in many years past, we cut down the ‘big tree’ along with my mini apartment tree at thornton’s treeland. these trees must past a rigorous test of height, color, shape, fullness and personality, the hunt is not an easy one and i am sure that my parents want to strangle me by the end of it all. as always though, we found our perfect little trees worthy of christmas. although the trees passed with flying colors this year i ended up in tears away… the ‘big tree’, all decorated with perfection decided to misbehave … the darn thing fell over. terrible! all in all it wasn’t all that horrific, but my dramatics kicked in and i was just sure that christmas had been ruined! there were some fatalities but the majority of the little ornaments put up a good fight and christmas was once again wonderful and as it should be.treeland copy




the holiday proceeded wonderfully! at my parent’s house, the live tree for the parlor (to be planted later) was cute as a button with it’s vintage rustic feel, while the ‘big tree’ in the family room glittered with silver and purple. meanwhile, my little portland apartment was not without decoration, a sweet little tree full of silver and white along with decorations of  holly, greenery and paperwhites have filled my little space for the holidays. i am in love with my little apartment and even more so at christmas time! the holiday itself came too quickly and i wish that time could be reversed so i could enjoy the season once more. christmas eve and christmas day were full of joy and warmth as i spent them with the people that i love.





christmas morning

skooby eating santa hat

polaroid with tree

in the end, the holidays for me are all about spending time with family and friends, great food and a cozy atmosphere. christmas of 2012 was lovely and i am sad to have it in the past.  however there is a new year to look forward to and although i am uncertain with all the the change that is in the air, i know that 2013 is going to be a great year full of even more opportunities to grow and to pursue my dreams!


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