thoughtful thoughts for the holidays

if you are an actor, a model or anyone who ends up on a set from time to time, you know that christmas always shows up well before december and that can be a little confusing, christmas music before halloween??? it’s just not right! you would think that with all of the early auditions and jobs full of holiday cheer i would be ready for christmas this year… wrong! somehow despite all of the early festivities and holiday decor on set, it snuck up on me and i can’t help but wonder ‘how is it already the holiday season again?’ i swear that it was just a couple of months ago that i was celebrating last christmas and plotting ways to avoid the surprise of a new year the next go-round. i vowed that i wouldn’t by taken by surprise yet again, i wouldn’t let december sneak up on me this year, unfortunately i failed. i think that i need to start adjusting my goals and timeline to fit such a whirlwind of a year. every new year the mental list of to do’s is complied and by the time december rolls around i think ‘what the heck?!? where did the time go?’ it is impossible to keep up and to cross everything off of my ambitious list. it’s a vicious 12 month cycle that is nearly impossible to keep up with… but if i don’t run around like a crazy person chasing my goals and dreams someone else will snag my opportunities and that sounds down right terrible. so i continue to make my lofty plans every new year and then pull my hair out during the next holiday season wondering what happened to the many months that i had ahead of me.

this past year has been nothing short of a roller-coaster and with a few more weeks to go anything is possible! i am happy to report that it seems like all of the dry spells were evened out by personal mile-markers and successes making this year one that i am really proud to look back on. from here, i have no where to go but up, right?? cheers to the holidays and a wonderful year to be proud of!




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