the ‘haunting hour’

*disclaimer: i apologize for the tardiness of this blog post, but better late than never… right?

i love hosting… dinner parties, game nights, cocktail hours, holiday events… i love it all.  however my tiny studio apartment has its limits so i my little soirees are on a mini scale for the time being, mini but mighty i would like to add! and my little halloween shindig was nothing short of mighty.

fondue spread, homemade caramel apples, a signature spooky cocktail, halloween decor, haunted serving dishes, game playing (and conquering), and lots-o wine! i would like to think that it was a success.

this halloween was definitely on the more subtle side of things in comparison to years past, and surprisingly, i was ok with that. the extent of my costume was some black and white stripped stockings, a witches hat and a black dress granting me the ability to say that i did in fact dress up while staying as minimal as possible (i wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if i hadn’t dressed up). this year, the focus was less on the costume and more on that atmosphere, a good time with my favorite people and a shmorgishborg of treats and potions all culminating in a great time and endless laughs.

i would like to think that all levels of the ‘haunting hour’ were equally memorable, however the game playing might have taken the cake this time. it was a scream! a little known fact about me is that when it comes to game playing, excluding most main stream sports, i am beyond competitive. i like to win, i really like to win, it’s kinda a problem!  so when we broke out our rendition of the game ‘celebrity’ (a game that i am now officially obsessed with) it was ‘go time’. after much yelling, hand wringing and fast talking, i am proud to say that my team won, giving me the right to break out my dance moves and boast about our mad skills… maybe i should work on my sportsmanship?? let my guests win one of these days??? hmmmm? anyway, games are the perfect party entertainment and i pity anyone who doesn’t share my love for them, that is the moral of my story. plus actors and games go together like eggs and bacon, it’s a fact!

happy halloween y’all! bring on the rest of the holiday season…



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